Billy Engel and Michele Isam Join Together to Perform as "The Accidentals"

Michele Isam Sings with The Accidentals

BILLY ENGEL, is a talented guitarist and singer with band credits as diverse as "Bonnie Hayes band," (who penned some of Bonnie Raitt hits) in San Francisco to Saint Louis bands "Arrow Memphis," "Jasmine," "Jake's Leg" and "Fluid Drive," as well as his own trio "S.O.L.," which he performs with regularly.

Bill is also a talented producer and engineer and writer. He has recorded many artists at his own studio "Ear Studios" in St. Louis.

Along with MICHELE ISAM as the "ACCIDENTALS," Bill performs a wide range of rhythm and blues, pop, adult contemporary and original music.

The Accidentals News Update

Dear friends and fans, I am shutting down my website soon so please get in touch thru my Facebook page. Thanks!

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